Meier Lederwaren

For us, sustainability and responsibility
are a generation issue and not a fad.

Your questions to us move

…consumers and the media equally, but in our opinion far too few people question this topic, which is so important for all generations.

We are a medium-sized family business from the leather town of Offenbach and can look back on a history up to 1921. The production of our products began in Germany and is now taking place in China. We have very high demands on the quality standards, but above all on the social standards of our production facilities in Asia. We are aware of the obligation to the people who manufacture for us and we start here in a wide variety of areas in order to be able to ensure seamless implementation of our required standards. All of our suppliers are subject to strict controls. A team of 12 in China is trained to ensure that only materials that are REACH-compliant are used. This is also guaranteed by regular laboratory controls of the materials used. All of our production facilities must also present BSCI certificates, which guarantee that social and environmental standards are continuously observed. This is also checked and enforced by our team in China, which operates under German management. We have been working with most of our suppliers for several decades, so that our philosophy is very familiar to our suppliers and is implemented accordingly. This has been implemented for years and not only since social standards have been demanded by the media. We are also very committed to sustainability. For example, from the coming season we will only be using packaging bags made from renewable raw materials instead of poly bags for all of our items. We avoid excess packaging materials and in Germany we are traditionally not wasteful and we use resources carefully. Many more real active measures are planned here in the future, instead of promises that are effective in marketing. Greenwashing is not our style. I also see myself in this responsibility in my role as the father of Emily & Noah. I would like to secure a future on a livable and green earth for my children, their children, as well as all other children and subsequent generations.

I hope to have given you a little insight into my company and our actions.

For further questions I remain gladly at your disposal.

With best regards from Offenbach

Yours Sven Meier