Meier Lederwaren
Meier Lederwaren

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B2B media content.
Process-optimized data management.

Via our MediaContent area on the Fashion Cloud online platform, we offer you reliable access to product images and their master data as well as the latest marketing material. A service for joint process optimization. Integrate product data comfortably and effectively in your IT landscape.

Meier Lederwaren

Diverse content

Access to marketing material, product image material and related attributes.

Meier Lederwaren

Process optimization

Saving of production costs when collecting product data.

Meier Lederwaren

System integration

Automated integration of product and image details in merchandise management or web shop.

B2B webshop.
A central ordering solution, entirely without paper.

We give you a showroom and an ordering system at hand via our B2B webshop. Using filters, you can select the articles you want according to product groups, colors and other possible criteria and conveniently place pre/post orders or immediate orders. Always keep track of the items you have ordered with an illustrated…

Meier Lederwaren

Product overview

Overview of available and upcoming articles with associated product information.

Meier Lederwaren

Simple processes

Easy handling when selecting articles and placing orders.

Meier Lederwaren

Order in view

Keep track of your ordered items.

Meier Lederwaren

The use of our B2B web shop requires a written registration.

registered customers

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You are also welcome to register for our webshop directly using the online registration form:

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As soon as we have received your registration form, your details will be verified. If the check is successful, access to the B2B order shop will be activated for you within the next 24h/48h (working days). You will receive a confirmation to the e-mail address that you entered as the “user” for your B2B registration.

EDI – electronic data interchange. Process digitization for your business success.

The fundamental and decisive advantage of using EDI is the fast, intervention-free and universally understandable transmission of digital information between business partners. This results in a maximum rationalization of business processes. The aim is to make work easier by means of cost and time savings.

Meier Lederwaren

Efficient processing

Increase the efficiency in handling daily tasks such as long-term projects.

Meier Lederwaren


Error-free / intervention-free data exchange between the application systems of all parties involved.

Meier Lederwaren

Error reduction

Accuracy in the processes (very low error rate)

NOS range. High-selling never-out-of-stock articles.

With our NOS range, we offer you a service for bag models that sell particularly well and that never go out of style. We always have a diverse range of NOS items in stock for you. In combination with EDI, NOS re-stocking can be automated.

Meier Lederwaren

Always in demand

Extensive range of particularly popular and constantly requested items.

Meier Lederwaren

Always available

High-selling articles always available from stock.

Meier Lederwaren

Process optimization

Optimization of business processes in extension with EDI.

Meier Lederwaren

Our NOS articles can be obtained from our B2B webshop.

The use of our B2B web shop requires a written registration. The corresponding registration form can be found above under the heading “B2B-Webshop”.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us during our service hours on

+49 (0) 69 8300 549-0.